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Helicopter tour

Helicopter tour – an exclusive private helicopter tour service in some of the most important cities in Italy. Our private helicopter tours allow you to see Italy from a new perspective so to discover the most beautiful landscapes: fly over breathtaking views such as the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Naples with its islands, Rome, Florence and Venice.

Thanks to HeliCapri it will be possibile to arrange an exclusive helicopter tour services with high quality helicopters and professional pilots for a comfortable, well-being and safety flight that allow you to see Italy from an amazing perspective.

Helicopter tour

It is possibile to choose from many helicopter tours, different destinations in Italy among those that are considered the most beautiful places in our country. It will be possible to make private helicopter tours over Naples, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, Venice. With a private helicopter tour you can view the most beautiful cities of Italy from above, having a different point of view and discovering the most beautiful monuments and attractions of every city. An alternative tourist tours for intense emotions that will last forever.

Our Helicopter

HeliCapri is one of the brand with which Helione S.r.l. company work using certified helicopters operators throughout Italy: a private and fast way to enjoy most beauty italian cities. It is possibile to choose from Airbus Helicopter AS350B3 or Airbus AS355F1 twin engine, both up to 5 passengers. Our tour can start in Naples Capodichino International Airport, Paestum, Cilento, Capri, Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Sorrento, Rome, Florence, Taormina or wherever you want. Take a break from everyday life and give yourself an unforgettable tour to enjoy Italy most beautiful places from a privileged point of view. All our helicopter tours are exclusive, luxury, comfortable and safe. Unforgettable sightseeing flights with a panoramic view among the Italy most visited and loved tourist attractions.

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